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Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

This is a great quick reference sheet explaining the major symptoms of Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD) and some helpful strategies that could be used at home or in school.

Child Study Center - Nonverbal Learning Disability

This article goes through the basics of what NLD is and how this may look at home or in school. There is a case study presented as well as a differential diagnosis chart comparing NLD to ADHD, Asperger's and Autism.

The Misunderstood Child: The Child with a Nonverbal Learning Disability

This article provides some of the background on Nonverbal Learning Disability as well as characteristics frequently observed in children with NLD. The challenges associated with NLD are presented by area including academic, motor, and social challenges.

Teaching Students With Severe Emotional Behavioral Disorders: Best Practices Guide to Intervention

This is a great resource manual providing strategies specifically for working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders at school and at home. Common areas of struggle, including maintaining boundaries and respect for property are discussed with strategies being presented for each. The definitions of emotional disabilities are discussed including considerations for special education eligibility and accommodations.