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Twice-Exceptional Students with ADHD
This article presents a discussion on some of the major concerns regarding gifted students who have ADHD including identification and assessment challenges, placement issues, and best practice interventions and support.

2. Challenges of Identifying and Serving Gifted Students with ADHD
This article takes a closer look at the differences between Dabrowski's overexcitabilities and ADHD as seen in gifted students. Several case studies are presented as examples. The article also spends a significant amount of time looking at challenges these students may have in a classroom setting.

3. Misdiagnosis and Missed Diagnosis
In this article the characteristics of gifted children are explored within the context of the twice-exceptional child with a focus on ADHD.

4. Teaching Tips
This list of teaching tips specifically targets children with ADHD. Many of these are simple to implement and are likely to benefit multiple students in the room. Both academic and behavioral interventions are provided.

Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, Ocd, Asperger's, Depression, and Other Disorders (book)
This book more closely examines the diagnostic issues surrounding gifted children with ADHD, Asperger's, depression, OCD, and other disorders. Each disorders is examined, as well as how to differentiate between these disorders and traits of being gifted.

Different Minds: Gifted Children with AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome,and Other Learning Deficits
Written specifically about gifted children with ADHD and/or Asperger's Syndrome, this book provides information that is likely to be useful to parents and teachers working with these students. Cognitive, social, emotional, and assessment concerns are all discussed.

Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism (Book)
This book includes an overview of challenges pertaining to twice-exceptional children, diagnostic concerns, and strategies that can help these children reach their full potential. The authors emphasize recognizing giftedness while still accommodating for weaknesses, with a focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or ADHD.

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled: Strategies for Helping Bright Students with LD, ADHD,
and More (Book)
This book contains three sections focusing on strengths and weakness, the psychological theory behind twice-exceptionality, and interventions to help students experience greater success in the classroom. Identification concerns are also presented.

9. Understanding the Gifted Child with Attention Deficit (Spotlight on 2e Series)
The Spotlight on 2e Series was written especially for parents and teachers of twice-exceptional learners. This publication focuses specifically on the strengths and weakness that may present in a child with ADHD, and strategies for both home and school-based interventions.

ADD: Learning Disabilities Online
This online resource contains information about ADHD as well as learning disabilities. Basic information about ADHD is presented in a clear format and there are additional pages for educators, parents, and kids. There is a glossary provided that contains both educational and psychological terms.