IAG Distinguished Student Award

IAG Conference December 9th-11th

Distinguished Student Award

Award Description

The Indiana Association for the Gifted would like to recognize students who have demonstrated distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts. These awards are designed to inspire students to achieve, as well as highlight the distinct accomplishments and educational needs of gifted students. IAG will recognize one elementary winner and one middle school winner at their annual conference. IAG will publish the name of the Distinguished Students in the conference program and the winning students will be featured on the IAG website.

Distinguished Student Award

Award Requirements

One Distinguished Student Award recipient may be selected at the elementary level and one at the middle school level. Applicants may demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following areas: visual or performing arts, academic achievement, or leadership. Each recipient will be awarded $250. IAG will accept self-nominations and nominations from parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community and civic groups. Applicants must submit an essay describing (a) the activity or interest area for which the student is being nominated; (b) how the student got interested/involved in the activity; (c) what impact the activity has had on the student and on others; and (d) how the student’s future plans and goals have been affected by this activity or interest area. Applications must include at least one letter or recommendation from someone other than a nominee’s family member, explaining why the student nominee is deserving of the award, what sets him or her apart from the other students, and how the nominee is impacting others. Current IAG Board Members and their family members are not eligible for this award.

Distinguished Student Award

Nomination Form

The nominating window will be open from September 4th through October 31st, 2018. IAG encourages all educators, parents, and administrators to nominate distinguished students!

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