The Hazel Feldhusen Outstanding Teacher of the Gifted Award

IAG Conference December 9th-11th

Hazel Feldhusen Award

Award Description

The Indiana Association for the Gifted annually presents the Hazel Feldhusen Outstanding Teacher Award to an individual teacher in a K-12 setting, whose exemplary classroom teaching demonstrates best practices in gifted education and positively impacts those students in the teacher’s care. The Purdue University Gifted Education Resource Institute sponsors this IAG Award (including a monetary award of $500) in recognition of Hazel Feldhusen (1928-2007), an outstanding classroom teacher of the gifted in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the wife of Dr. John Feldhusen (1926-2009), an early leader in gifted education.

Hazel Feldhusen Award

Award Requirements

The nomination may be made by someone in a position to verify the nominee meets the requirements or by the individual him or herself. The nominee must meet the following criteria: 1.) Has taught gifted children/youth for at least three years AND has a license in Gifted Education 2.) Is teaching gifted children/youth during the current school year. This may include someone who teaches gifted students in any type of service model, e.g. in a self-contained class of all high ability learners, a cluster, pullout, self-contained, or honors class 3.) Exhibits outstanding qualities related to gifted education in the following respects: teaching, curriculum development and adaptation, working with parents of gifted children/youth, and working with other staff and administrators relative to gifted education 4.) Demonstrates a strong commitment to gifted education through professional experiences, professional organizations and service in the area of education for the gifted.

Hazel Feldhusen Award

Nomination Form

The nominating window will be open from September 4th through October 31st, 2018. IAG encourages all educators to nominate their outstanding peers who meet the award requirements!