Understanding Your High Ability Child

"Giftedness” or “high ability” characteristics present themselves differently in every child, just as every individual is unique and exhibits his or her personality. A high ability child might be a motivated high-achiever, but it is equally possible that the child’s abilities might not even be evident at first glance.

What is “Gifted” or “High Ability”

While it is difficult to identify precisely what giftedness is, or even to define it in a single statement, there are a handful of perspectives that may be used to gain a better overall understanding of the concept

Characteristics of High Ability Learners

The characteristics of high ability learners may lead to both positive and negative behaviors.

Asynchronous Development

Another challenging aspect of raising high ability children is the asynchronous development they exhibit as they grow.

Twice Exceptional Students

Twice-exceptional, or 2e, students are kids who are gifted in certain areas, like math or music, but who also have a learning or developmental challenge, like ADHD, dyslexia, or autism.

Definition of Social and Emotional Needs

Being high ability doesn’t just mean that children are “smarter” than their peers. High ability children not only demonstrate a greater cognitive understanding of academic concepts, but they also exhibit a heightened awareness of their environment and surroundings.

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