Registration: 2019 IAG Conference

IAG Conference December 8th-10th

Registration for Tuesday, December 10th is still available.

Forty and the Future

Have Questions? View Our FAQ!

Do you have questions about the conference? Please read our FAQ before moving forward to our registration form.

Forty and the Future

Before You Register...

Before you proceed to the registration page, be sure to have the following information ready: the registrant's membership status, ticketed session selections, and payment information. If paying by PO, you must have the PO number. If you are registering a group, every person should use the same PO number.

*If you attended our conference last year as a new member or under an indiviudal membership (not an institutional membership), then you are a member. Also, if you purchased a membership outside of conference registration in the last year, please select that you are a member on the registration form. IAG will confirm the membership status of each registrant.

Forty and the Future

Registration Form

Registration will open on September 3rd. If you have the information you need, please continue to our registration form by clicking on the link below!