Math League

Test 4th grade to high school students' problem-solving skills in your classroom with The Math League's 30-question multiple-choice test. Schools host their own competitions and can compare their scores with those from schools around the world.

Cost to Participate:
Set of 30 Tests


yearly cost

Awards for top performers


When to Register: December 15 - January 31

Length of Season: Tests are given at different times, depending on grade level, from February - April. (See The Math League website for locations and dates.)

Competitions: The 4th and 5th grade tests are for use in your school only.
Grades 6 - high school compete with other schools in their League.
(See The Math League website for locations and dates.)

Size of Team: Purchase as many tests as you wish.

Training for Coaches: Sample tests from previous years can be downloaded, or
purchased to help prepare your students.