Science Olympiad

Division B (grades 6-9) and Division C (grades 9-12) students compete in 23 events covering a WIDE range of science activities such as, Bottle Rockets, Disease Detectives, Forestry, Meteorology, Mouse-Trap Car, Rocks and Minerals, Sound of Music and Towers.

Cost to Participate:
1st-Year Registration


Subsequent Years


yearly cost



yearly cost

When to Register: August

Length of Season: August - February

Regional Competitions: Held at various sites around Indiana in February. State
and National competitions follow in March and May,
respectively. (See SciOly website for locations and dates.)

Size of Team: Teams are limited to 15 competing students plus alternates.

Training for Coaches: Clinics for coaches are held in Indiana and neighboring
states. Register through the Indiana SciOly website.