Many of you may be experiencing a myriad of emotions related to your children and their experiences both in and out of school. While you may be amazed at the advanced skills and higher level thinking your children demonstrate, you may simultaneously be anxious about how these skills will and should be nurtured both in and out of school. You may be frustrated that your children are capable of reading several levels above grade level, yet they cannot manage to organize their book bags or find their homework assignments. You may be worrying about your children socially (do they have enough friends?) or emotionally (why are they so intense about everything?). Finally, you may see the love of learning on your young children’s faces and wonder what you need to do as an advocate to ensure that they will be receiving the appropriate differentiated school experiences that will continue to foster such an enthusiasm for learning. The parent section of the IAG website has been designed to provide information and resources for parents on dimensions of giftedness and programs for gifted students. General information on giftedness is available from various print and online resources; however, the information provided here is specific to parents of gifted children living in Indiana. IAG has prepared this information through the lens of understanding how gifted education (termed as high ability education in Indiana) manifests according to our specific state mandate for identification and services. We hope you find the information useful, and we encourage you to pass it along to other parents as well.