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IAG supports parents in their efforts to advocate for gifetd children. Please use the resources below to learn more.

"Giftedness” or “high ability” characteristics present themselves differently in every child, just as every individual is unique and exhibits his or her personality. A high ability child might be a motivated high-achiever, but it is equally possible that the child’s abilities might not even be evident at first glance. A high ability student may be one who has strengths in particular academic areas but is average (or struggles) in others.

Understanding Your High Ability Child

While it is difficult to identify precisely what giftedness is, or even to define it in a single statement, there are a handful of perspectives that may be used to gain a better overall understanding of the concept.

High Ability Education in School

Because there are many components to being high ability, it is critical that schools identify these learners as soon as possible. How does this process work in Indiana?

High Ability Education Outside of School

During the course of your correspondence or conversation, you are likely to be asked a plethora of questions. These inquiries frequently center around the age-old question, “Why should gifted children receive special services?”


It is important to keep in mind that advocacy is a process, not an event. Don’t expect changes overnight. Changes can come, but they will take time. By learning about a variety of ways to advocate for your child, and how to put this knowledge into action, you can increase the likelihood that teachers and administrators will be able to join with you in this process.

Twice Exceptional

Twice-exceptional, or 2e, students are kids who are gifted in certain areas, like math or music, but who also have a learning or developmental challenge, like ADHD, dyslexia, or autism.

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